About Bridget Guenthner

Bridget is a native of Lafayette, LA but has spent most of her life in the Atlanta, GA area. She left Louisiana in 1987 to pursue a professional dance career in New York, Florida, and Georgia. After 15 years choreographing and performing, Dr. Guenthner earned a BA, MA, and EdD related to mathematics and education and began teaching in 1999. Her experience includes teaching middle school students as well as courses for several universities. In a quest to find a creative outlet similar to dance, Bridget began working with acrylic paints and canvas. Her ability to visualize movement and passion transcend the medium being used. As a result, primary painting interests include dance and nature, which are interpreted through an abstract perspective open to viewer interpretation. She is thrilled to share her work with new friends and art aficionados while she continues to expand her artistic palette. It is Bridget’s hope to encourage appreciation and support for all forms of artistic expression.